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7 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Website

Exit Sign Image1. Loading Time: Your website takes too long to load
Slow loading time frustrates your site visitors and affects conversion rate and company perception. If you want visitors to stay on your website you will have to put your website’s load performance as a priority.

Meade Potato Company Website

Meade Potato Company LogoOur mission at Meade Potato Company is to bring consumers the most succulent fruit, the tastiest vegetables and the most flavourful potatoes possible, retaining as much freshness and taste from the day they were picked. This means the journey from farm to plate needs to be as efficient and well-managed as possible. 

Website Launch for LMC Group

LMC Group LogoLMC are highly experienced professional and competent Engineering Contractors. Our team has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and we have completed some of the most noteworthy projects in the country.

Why Facebook Advertising Can Work For Your Business

Man with mobile phone and laptop imageAside from changing your Facebook content strategy, the best way to reach your Facebook audience and be seen on people's news feed is to use Facebook advertising.  Facebook have revealed that approx. 2 million small to medium businesses advertise on Facebook, which proves that there are many benefits of advertising on Facebook.

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