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Why Facebook Advertising Can Work For Your Business

Man with mobile phone and laptop imageAside from changing your Facebook content strategy, the best way to reach your Facebook audience and be seen on people's news feed is to use Facebook advertising.  Facebook have revealed that approx. 2 million small to medium businesses advertise on Facebook, which proves that there are many benefits of advertising on Facebook.

5 Ways to Improve Your Company Blog Posts

Blog for Business ImageWhen putting together a company blog, some businesses simply have expectations that are too high, by anticipating every post to go viral. However, if after a couple of months of blogging you’re still only receiving a handful of views, it may be time to make some changes.

Launch of Website for Quality Queen

Quality Queen LogoIs your customer service all that you would like it to be?

Through the use of "secret" clients our Quality Queen Service will provide you with valuable insight into the actual level of customer service in your salon.  Using an audit based, evaluation system, we will identify any shortfalls in the customer service that your staff provide to your clients.

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