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Beware of companies offering page 1 guaranteed on Google

It has been brought to our attention by a number of customers recently that companies, mainly located abroad, are ringing businesses in Ireland in order to sell them Google adWords advertising and guaranty appearances on page 1 on Google for a set monthly fee.

The companies in question introduce themselves on the phone in a way that lets people believe they work for Google and offer them the guaranty that their site will be visible on page 1 of Google for a set monthly fee which based on the reports vary from €90 to €500.

This practice doesn’t appear illegal as far as we can see (but we are not lawyers!!) but is something that will cost you much more that if you were advertising with Google directly. By nature, Google ads will be placed on page 1 anyway (based on bids, ads, competition etc), in rotation with other ads. Using such agencies simply means paying them large fees hidden into commissions on pay per click. Based on one recent report a monthly fee of €120 was providing an estimated €15 of clicks only.

Of course, many SEO companies offer genuine services and will assist you with Google adWords, just be careful if you receive direct calls from Google promising you the moon!

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