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Social Media integration


Social media and your Website

Social media consumption has changed how people interact online and socially but social media use does not remain static and as the users’ needs, lifestyle and work life balance changes their preferred social media choice will also change.

As a business owner, it is imperative that you choose the social media platform that best suits your target audience, which in turn will create the most traffic to your website and result in higher revenue for your business.

Using your chosen social media account within your website design will benefit you two fold by helping to increase your likes or followers on your social media and increase the number of visitors to your website.

Whichever social media platform you choose, it is important that it be updated regularly with news, images, video and text. All content and posts should be original, relevant to your business and should include a call to action to visit your website.

One feature of social media integration is the ability for visitors to your site to share your content to their personal social media account, this works especially well if you are updating a blog or a news section regularly.

Another option is to create a Social Wall on your website and have all activity from your Facebook or Instagram appear on one dedicated page.

Positioning of your social media links is a decision to be taken carefully, you need to decide if you are using social media to support you service or product offering or if the feed to your social media is affecting your overall key message.

It is important to remember that all social media platforms can be used to support your business within your website design and should not be used as your only online presence. You own your website and you get to decide how it appears and performs which is not the case with social media platforms.

All of the bespoke website designs created by Flo Web Design have the functionality available for visitors to view the sites own social media accounts, create a Social Wall and for visitors to share content directly from the website to their own social media accounts. 

If you would like more information on how we can help you integrate social media within your website please call 046 9241535 or email

Using Images effectively on your Website.


Using Images effectively on your Website. 


When you use an image within your website design to help illustrate written content, it is import to note that you should just be happy that the picture appropriate to your message

As part of your overall website design, the images you use will play an integral part in the visitor experience of your website.

To ensure faster loading times, visual effect and SEO ranking you need to optimize your image by resizing, renaming and tagging. As picture marketing is now standard and commonplace, it is imperative that you make the most from the pictures you choose to use as part of your website design, to ensure your website generates more leads by achieving a higher ranking in the organic listings of search engines like Google. 

Original pictures are best, as they will reflect the exact nature of product or service that you are trying to promote. Stock images while free may be fine in some cases, but it is important not to use images that are overly used on other websites. Commonly used images will impact negatively on your organic search rankings in all the major search engines

While picture resizing of pictures is important for the aesthetics of your website design, the flow of information and the overall impact on design, the most important element in picture resizing is reducing the image from a full 4mb or 5mb smartphone photo to an image that is 800 x 600 pixels.

In reducing the size of the photo, it allows your page to load quicker and be more responsive. This creates a far better user experience for visitors to your site, which encourages them to stay longer and ultimately earn more revenue for your business.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words which may be true, but what is certain when a picture is used and formatted correctly it will enhance your website design, your business, your product or service and your reputation.

If you require help on making your website design more picture friendly you can call Flo WEB Design on 046 924 1535 or email

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Website Security





There are many other implications involved when your website is hacked or compromised apart from the inconvenience. The damage to your reputation with the loss of data and customer confidence, a breach of GDPR regulation, revenue loss, the cost of restoring or rebuilding your site or ransom payment.

With over 30,000 website attacks each day, most of which are aimed directly at small and medium business the threat is very real and more common than you would like to believe. These attacks are not performed by a single user typing furiously to attack your site, it is a piece of software or bot that is capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions all searching for vulnerable websites.

In order to ensure your website is not compromised or hacked you will need follow our standard recommendations

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