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Web Design

Flo Web Design Ltd offers a professional, no nonsense approach to fully tailored website design at affordable prices.

We design websites for a wide range of companies, from start up’s to large companies, all over Ireland.  All designs are carried out in house by our team of professional, experienced creative designers.

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Tailored Web Design

All designs start with a consultancy meeting and market research to ensure that your finished
website meets your goals and requirements, as a marketing and selling tool and as an asset
to your company, representing you in an accurate and positive manner.

Over the years we have developed a project management system which ensures you are
involved with the entire design and development process and that your project is delivered
on time and on budget.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a combination of existing, tested and proven technologies to ensure websites adapt to all devices that access them, from smart phones to TV browsers. Then websites can offer touch size links, mobile menus and larger fonts to smaller devices giving users a better experience fully adapted to the device they are using.

Responsive web design

Responsive websites offer a number of advantages:

  • Search engines ranking
    in their search for the ultimate user experience Google has announced in April 2015
    that they will give an advantage to responsive sites in all searches from mobile phones.
  • Cost and time
    there is only one site to maintain, one domain and one hosting account to renew.
  • Content management
    the management is done via a content management system and there is only one site to update.
  • Competition
    responsive website design is pretty new, giving you a vital edge over your competitors.
  • Future proof
    new devices are being released constantly and a responsive site should have no problem adapting to new device sizes.

We design our sites with Responsive Web Design as standard.

Web Development

Flo Web Design Ltd employs a team of developers working on-site on all aspects of development. We are experienced with all properties of web development including web apps, intranets and more.

Over the years we have been involved with projects such as tailored shops online, forums, emails and SMS alert systems, booking facilities, chat rooms, automated invoicing systems, payment system integration, maps integration, customer accounts, product feeds, intranets, API integrations and much more.

All our web development is done in house in our office in Ireland. We do not outsource to off shore companies meaning the people you talk to are the people carrying out the work on your project.

 E-commerce Websites

Flo Web Design is experienced with e-commerce design and development. Over the years we have developed our own shop system which is highly versatile and adaptable to all requirements.

As standard our e-commerce website system includes three levels of categories, rich product detail, full shopping cart with many options, a full checkout system with a variety of options on delivery and taxes for both physical and digital delivery with integration to a payment system. All of our developed e-commerce sites are fully manageable via our content management system. We can expand our system to specific requirements and have done so on many occasions in the past, for instance to include trade login and discounts, feed systems and more.

For smaller e-commerce sites we also offer a number of other options which will allow a business to start selling online at an affordable price. Please click here to get a quote.

All-inclusive Packages


Web Development E-commerce websites

At Flo Web Design Ltd we believe in transparency which is why we offer fully inclusive packages.

Our quotes are fully detailed with no additional extras guaranteed. Our packages include domain name and hosting for the first year, consultancy meeting and research, a fully tailored design, design revisions, stock photography, content management system, full development, content insertion, styling and much more.

Search Engine Marketing

Flo Web Design Ltd is highly experienced with SEO, as a result, we make sure that all our sites are developed in a search engine friendly fashion to ensure your site will receive full consideration from the search engines. As standard, we write a different set of meta tags for each page of your site and take the time to register all sites on Bing Webmaster tools as well as Google Webmaster Tools, including submission of a site map.

Content Management System

At Flo Web Design Ltd we have always believed that you, the customer, should be in control of your site content.  All of our sites have a content management system where you can make content and image changes yourself.  It is easy to use and allows you to manage all vital areas of your site, whenever suits you.

We offer training and full phone and email support on all packages. 


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